O Liner Technology Pte Ltd is incorporated in Singapore. We are the market leader in the field of pipeline rehabilitation in Asia. O Liner has successfully developed and put to use many rehabilitation techniques for both pressurized and non-pressurized pipelines.
O Liner has successfully completed many projects involving potable water, wastewater, oil and gas pipeline rehabilitation.

The company's objective is to become a pre-eminent one-stop trenchless technology company in Asia. The company is well managed by competent managers who have many years of experience in the trenchless technology industry in Asia.
O Liner Technology provides a comprehensive range of pipeline rehabilitation solutions:
  • CIPP Technology
  • Spiral Wound Lining
  • Closefitlining Technology
  • Pipe Bursting Technology
  • Pipe Sleeving Technology
  • Fold and Form Pipelining Technology
  • Underground Pipe CCTV Inspection
  • High Pressure Cleaning