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The process has been used successfully to line 1000km of pipes ranging from 75mm to 1500mm.

  1. Existing pipes are lined with Polyethylene (PE) pipes which have slightly larger outer diameter than the host pipes.
  2. Diameter of PE pipes are temporary reduced by pulling the pipes through a suiting die, enable it to go through the original pipe easily.
  3. Upon pulling through to the receiving pit, pulling forces are disconnected, and the PE pipes will then expand back to original diameter, pressing tightly against the host pipe.
  1. Minimum Disruption - Long pipes can be rehabilitated through 2 relatively short entry and receiving pits.
  2. Fast Installation - New pipes are pulled in at the rate of 2-3 meters per minute and in lengths between 100 & 1000 meters.
  3. Strong New Pipes - PE pipes can be stand alone pipe for direct burial that does not rely on the old pipe.
  4. Improved Flow - Overall flow in often increased due to smooth internal surface of new pipe, even though the original internal diameter is slightly reduced.
  5. Minimum Joints - Individual sections of PE pipes are buttwelded together to form a long single length, only sections in the pits are connected through electrofusion couplers.
  6. Cost Saving - Fast and trenchless, results in significant reduction in cost.