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The spirally wound pipe (SWP) pipe system is used for the rehabilitation of sewer lines by the insertion of a machine-made strip of PVC-HI wound into the existing pipelines. The edge of the strip interlock as it is spirally wound to form a continuous watertight liner inside the host pipe.

PVC Profile Description Wall thickness (mm) Dia  (mm)
1-085-09 0.75 250-600
1-095-09 1.2 300-800
1-140-11 1.5 450-1000
1-185-12 2.0 600-1200
  1. SWP100W winding system for pipe diameters from 250 to 1000mm.
  2. SWP150W winding system for pipe diameters from 500 to 1500mm.
  1. Set up in the manhole -the winding machine is assembled inside the manhole. The winding equipment consists of drive and winding cage.
  2. Grouting process is carried to fill up the annular space between host pipe and spirally wound pipe.

  1. Can install under medium flow condition
  2. Increase in the rate of flow
  3. Quick installation procedure
  4. Hardly affect traffic