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A new pipe is installed into the old one by either pushing or pulling. Although, in theory, any material can be used for the new inserted pipe, in practice, Polyethylene PE pipe is the choice.

Pulling of PE pipe across Anderson Bridge in Singapore
  1. The new pipe is laid out above ground and pulled through an excavated pit into the host pipe.
  2. The new pipe is then winched through the host pipe to an exit pit or manhole.
  1. Sleeve lining is the oldest and simplest of all trenchless techniques.
  2. Strong New Pipes - PE pipes can be stand alone pipe for direct burial that does not rely on the old pipe.
  3. Improved Flow - Overall flow in often increased due to smooth internal surface of new pipe, even though the original internal diameter is slightly reduced.
  4. Minimum Joints - Individual sections of PE pipes are buttwelded together to form a long single length, only sections in the pits are connected through electrofusion couplers.
  5. Cost Saving - Fast and trenchless, results in significant reduction in cost.